VGS300 Valve Seat Pocket Cutter Kit1.500 to 2.250 in.(38.5-57.1mm) (0.375")

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Kit including:

ASPC-1500    Seat Pocket Cutter Head 1.500-1.687 in (38.1-42.9mm) Range

ASPC-1687   Seat Pocket Cutter Head 1.5687-1.875 in (42.9-47.6mm) Range

ASPC-1875   Seat Pocket Cutter Head 1.875-2.062 in (47.6-52.4mm) Range

ASPC-2062   Seat Pocket Cutter Head 2.062-2.250 in (52.4-57.1mm) Range

VGS-325      Cutter Head Driver for 0.375" (9.525mm) Pilot

VGS-410A   Pocket Cutter Setting Fixture with Setting Standard

PSP-215A    Short Spring

PSP-216A    Long Spring

VSC-509A   Spring Bushing


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