Valve Grinding Machine LD100A (3.5mm-20mm)

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Valve Grinding Machine LD100A (3.5mm-20mm)

Valve stem diameter: 3.5 to 20mm
Valve head diameter: 12 to 100mm
Valve length: 70 to 290mm
Angle grinding range: 10 to 57 degree
Main wheel diameter: 200mm
Cup wheel diameter: 100mm
Main wheel width: 15mm
Grinding wheel travel: 90mm
Valve feed travel: 90mm
Spindle motor: Power 550w;speed 2900rpm
Valve deiving motor: Power 180w; speed 120-750rpm
Coolant motor: Power 100w
Power supply: AC220 v/50-60 Hz
Air supply: Maximum 6bar
Coolant tank: 4L
Size: 1000*1050*700
Net weight: 130kg

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