MQ8260Cx18 Crankshaft Grinding Machine

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Crankshaft Grinding Machine MQ8260C x16
Structural features:
1,machinetools,electrical,hydrauliccontrol,mannual control bassel.
2,base type machine left and right using adjustable cross chuck chuck.improve work piece installation,adjustment efficiency.
3,With top or the workpiece clamping chuck.the head frame motor drive,manual feed grinding .
4,Longitudinal movement,there is also a manual manever,manenver the table in a fast-moving action.can only point for jumping
stalls or adjustments.
5,About the amount of cross chuck maximum adjustable vertical 110mm,transverse 2mm,the chuck further hang a trace swivel
adjustment,the range of 0-30 °
6,Parts,wheel,bench,cooling pump,oil pump driven by a separate motor.

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